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Mouth stuffed and gagged

Mouth stuffed and gagged

Von: renkabur06 ( 100 Videos ) | Eingestellt am:
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 pinestu 04.11.2013, 12:22 Uhr

Hi renkabur, Sorry but I messed up and hit the thumbs down button by mistake :-( I meant to give you a thumbs up as I agree with you about seeing the face and expressions. I also like to see how good the gag is! Once again, apologies!!
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 renkabur06 03.11.2013, 21:31 Uhr

It's a matter of taste. Everybody has his own preferences. I actually like eye contact in these videos, though it's not quite a 'must have'. What I don't like are bondage clips where the face of the woman is hidden, seldom shown or too far away. For me it's important to see the face (expressions)... but as I said before: personal preferences. More videos are coming in the future. It just depends on what I find.
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 pinestu 02.11.2013, 15:22 Uhr

I disagree with the comment below. I like the eye contact from this model. She wears glasses that make her "different"; so it is important that we get to see her face. Although she is looking into camera she could actually be looking at a mirror watching herself being gagged. I get fed up with studio-only models who seem frightened their make up may get smudged. At least this woman looks as if she lives in the real world and may actually enjoy bondage. Thanks for posting. Any more please?
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 jhsthal 02.11.2013, 4:18 Uhr

yet another one of these stupid productions with an "actress" completely overdoing it and even staring into the cam while whaffling ... what a hoax ... she is spoiling the whole clip just by repeatedly looking into the cam, although it is a well known fact that an actress never ever should do so unless she really wants a dialog with the audience.
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