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The Kidnapping of Jenni C 2

The Kidnapping of Jenni C 2

Von: zim-k ( 97 Videos ) | Eingestellt am:
Zuschauer: 54.942
36 Bewertungen



 clukedup 25.08.2014, 5:13 Uhr

What the heck? this girl is so sexy and that gag is perfect. Why was this video wasted on this guy talking the whole time? Ths coulda been a 10/10 video, instead it was creepy and buzz kill
Spam Melden

 lionelcuff 13.01.2014, 7:13 Uhr

beautiful lady
Spam Melden

 misstrussed 10.11.2013, 15:35 Uhr

This movies raises an interesting point. When I fantasise about being forcibly bound I usually imagine a big fat guy. It makes the whole feeling of being forced so much more realistic. With the whole subject of kidnap, I came up with a solution to creating an as realistic kidnap situation as possible. Its one of my long-term fantasies. All I need now is a couple of big guys to give me a helping hand!!
Spam Melden

 walton73 13.09.2013, 15:24 Uhr

Please put more of this on or let me know where to find it
Spam Melden

 heyz42lo 31.08.2013, 16:51 Uhr

Agreed. If there are more parts, would love to see...
Spam Melden
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