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Sophia Smith Panty Gagged

Sophia Smith Panty Gagged

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 gagfan141 21.04.2013, 19:34 Uhr

THIS - IS - OUTSTANDING. Sophia Smith is a naturally beautiful lady to begin with, and when you add the lovely outfit which she strips out of on-screen, the on-screen gagging and binding, the great bondage predicament (for which she is wearing only a bra - NO NYLONS, thankfully), and the wonderful struggling and "mmmmmph"-ing, you have what can be called the complete package(which could only have been bettered by a wrap gag rather than tape strips). Thank you very much for sharing th
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 krateros59 10.04.2013, 17:21 Uhr

Ungefähr 1.230.000 Ergebnisse für "abartig" bei google. Wahrscheinlich die meisten von diesen von Herrn AlyMente irgendwo eingestellt.
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 liambl1 09.04.2013, 20:31 Uhr

Beautiful girl, deliciously bound and gagged! So helpless!
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