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Mother And Daughter Bondage

Mother And Daughter Bondage

Von: Buttershadow ( 334 Videos ) | Eingestellt am:
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 Buttershadow 30.03.2013, 11:20 Uhr

It's annoying that he talks a lot, granted. But I have the feeling that the reason all the riggers aren't the most attractive of guys is so we (the viewers) don't see them as physical threats. We feel welcome in the scene knowing that we are likely more fit / attractive. It's a very primal instinct. At least that's how I feel. Maybe others see it differently.
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 harmonist64 30.03.2013, 7:37 Uhr

agaion a man waffling shit. Why do all the new clips show men waffling shit? They should just shut up and let us hear the women suffer. I do not want to hear any stupid fat males waffling shit.
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