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Highlights Folge 2 - The Savage Tales of Summer Vale

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Tired of being beat up by Grapefruit, and desperate to win Passion Fruit’s approval, Orange learns the ancient art of Carrot-te. But does Orange have the courage to fight for Passion’s honor? Can he prove that he’s the hero she’s dreaming of?
When a little light-hearted teasing between the girls’ sleepover and the boys’ camp-out escalates into an all out prank war, Passion Fruit and Orange are pitted against one another. Will they be forced to do battle? Or can they rise above the petty feud?
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"The very first pairing of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy on screen, with Oliver playing a crook who tries to rob Stan.
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Laurel & Hardy - The fight start at home and continue to different places

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