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Sadie Bell tied up and ball gagged

Sadie Bell tied up and ball gagged

Von: vassiliboyd ( 33 Videos ) | Eingestellt am:
Zuschauer: 117.957
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 crazy6muppet 06.09.2013, 16:27 Uhr

Brilliant vid! Thanks for sharing.
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 S_Smith 25.07.2013, 20:04 Uhr

This is just amazing. It is obvious just how much that woman hates Sadie, and how much she is restraining herself throughout, cruel as she was. That monster ballgag and bondage gear looks fantastic. And the hopping too. ;) The part at the end where the woman puts Sadie in that bag and pretty much tells her she'll die in there is wonderful. The look of sheer panic on Sadie's face, and knowing the last thing she'll ever see is that smug murderer's face... Just amazing!
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 michx 19.03.2013, 14:54 Uhr

what a video that is??
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 twenty710 22.08.2012, 17:51 Uhr

First ever offical Sadie Belle dvd I saw. Must say this was the best part, Sadie is miles better than Jewell in terms of acting the damsel! I was always annoyed that once they knocked the baddie out, why didn't they tie her up and extract some punishment of their own?
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