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Courtney Robinson caught, naked, hogtied and gagged

Courtney Robinson caught, naked, hogtied and gagged

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 suspension 21.04.2014, 14:16 Uhr

gagfan, when you really think her boobs are all natural, then you do have my compassion. It is clearly visible these boobs are as artificial as like as so many, she was just lucky having found a surgeon who did a better job than most of the others.
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 gagfan141 14.06.2013, 6:32 Uhr

And, of course, Dominic Wolfe's on-screen gagging is ALWAYS "the real deal" - no cheating (as in stuffing that suddenly disappears in the next part of the clip) in his videos!!!!!
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 gagfan141 14.06.2013, 6:30 Uhr

And I think that her breasts are natural (rather than "store-bought"); they're certainly in good proportion to the rest of her luscious athletic body. (And that's a BIG "plus" - but I may be wrong.....)
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 gagfan141 14.06.2013, 6:28 Uhr

THIS - IS - OUTSTANDING, as are all Dominic Wolfe clips. A lovely young lady, looking great while naked and hogtied and effectively gagged (I LOVE white gags, and esepcially when they're as tight and as secure as this one - and the clear-tape wrap gag over that is just icing on the cake!), struggling and "mmmmmph"-ing to great effect (but ultimately futilely): it doesn't get any better than this. Thank you VERY much for sharing this gem with us!!!!!
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