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Laurel & Hardy Collection 1-Hustling For Health - Ohne Worte

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Charlie Chaplin - don’t sleep at the judges house if you run away from prison
Charlie Chaplin - Count chloride takes Edna and her father for a drive in the park
A hilarious classic Laurel and Hardy film. Stan and Ollie inherit an island in the Pacific where uranium is discovered.
"Charlie persuades wealthy farmers daughter Tillie to elope with him but is really after her money, leaving her soon after they arrive in the city for his old girlfriend Mabel. Then Charlie reads that the dumped girl has inherited a sizeable fortune from her uncle. He returns to Tillie, persuades her to move into her uncles villa and arranges for Mabel to get a job as a housemaid there. Unfortunately, the uncle isnt really dead
"The very first pairing of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy on screen, with Oliver playing a crook who tries to rob Stan.
12 (1/2) 1 bis 6 von 8

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